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Sankofa Glow

Sankofa is a Ghanaian phrase which means  

"Return to your roots"

Our line of skin care products come straight from the source intended to bring out your body's natural glow.

Organic Natural skin Care

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What is "Normal" skin anyway??

No one in this world has normal or perfect skin! Lets just be honest about it.

We are a growing brand who are all about being in love with your body and most of all being comfortable with who you are.  It can be a struggle to find the right product which caters for your needs so why not go back to basics with the use of our organic products for skin care and hair care. It can be frustrating tying to find right regime that works for you, but our products can help get back to basics and your body to develop its natural glow which in time will bring out your inner glow too. 


 I cannot live without my sankofa glow pressed coconut oil. It makes the best moisturiser and I find it as an excellent make up remover, even removing stubborn mascara