The benefits of Shea butter

If you’ve found your way to our Sankofa website you’ll know that we pride ourselves in being the number one source of high quality Shea butter! And If you didn’t know well now you know! Our Shea butter is ethically source from the beautiful West African nation of Ghana. A beautiful sunny country on West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea, known for also being the home of gold and cocoa (the source of your lovely chocolate!). If you ever wanted to visit Africa, here’s one country I would highly recommend, and with a nation of people also known for their warm and welcoming nature.


Back to the topic of shea butter, I’m sure you would have heard of all the amazing properties of this amazing natural butter by now, but if you haven’t, let me give you some background into this ancient beauty secret! Also known in the country of Burkino Faso as Women’s GOLD, and you’ll understand why once I finish filling you in.


The Origins of shea Butter date back to the Ancient Egyptian era when Queen Cleopatra was given vials upon vials of clay Jars of this valuable commodity as a gift. Cleopatra being the most beautiful queen in the land knew the value of this amazing butter was not to be underestimated. It was a beauty essential she used regularly for both her skin and hair, and she was a radiant beautiful queen.


Archaeologist who have had the task of analysing and studying the composition of mummies, found that under chemical analysis the hair of some of these mummies consisted of a gel like substance. Which was then sent to be chemically analysed was discovered to be composed of stearic acid. Stearic acid is the main component of shea butter, a butter that was known to be used to protect and hold their hair in place. So? The Egyptians used shea butter, so what? But the question we should ask is why?


The Sahara was known to be hot and very drying for hair and skin, ( if you ever been to any country close to the equator you’ll know the kind of heat were talking about). Therefore protection have been required to maintain a beautiful radiant skin and hair in such harsh conditions. A product would have been needed to hold in moisture, and this is where the attributes of shea butter come into play!


Shea butter has the following properties.


  • Anti-ageing for the skin
  • Can be used as a soap
  • Moisturizing for both the skin and hair (Hair of African descent)
  • Healing, evens out skin tone (reduces blemishes)
  • High in Vitamin C, E and A
  • Increases elasticity (skin and Hair, (Hair of African descent))
  • Creates smooth and dewy skin


Shea butter let’s be honest is natures go to staple for women (especially women of colour) and for those individuals with dry wiry afro hair, is a must! Shea butter protects coily hair, the driest of hair types from the harsh weather conditions of HEAT, COLD and WINDY weather extremes for the skin. Depending on your skin type, a dab of shea butter once a day will maintain the skins elasticity, ward of those wrinkles, protect from the weather and maintain your skins natural elasticity. How much on the skin will depend on your skin type (oily skin types may need less as much as once a week).


So stock up, I hope I’ve given you a better insight into the power of this amazing butter, produced by the Karite (shea) Tree.  Women’s Gold it definitely is! This butter should be a staple in every women’s beauty cupboard for the skin or the hair, check out our butters on our online store


Peace and Love