We Have Finally Arrived!

Well its finally become a reality! Sankofa Glow has landed and I am so excited!

This has been a long-term dream in the making and I am so glad it has finally all come together.

But how rude of me not to introduce myself! For those who don’t know me, my name is Roberta. Welcome to the Sankofa Glow online store and also to my very first blog! It’s a bit daunting but hey you have to start from somewhere right?

The Dream

So let me explain how the Sankofa Glow dream came about.

Growing up, I battled with a number of skin issues like dry skin, eczema, acne and allergies. As you can imagine that contributed to low self-esteem, self-confidence and general frustration. I tried every new product I found on the high-street shops to try solve my one major issue, which was dry skin but unfortunately, they never really worked for me. I remember wishing at the time to just have ‘normal’ skin. (But what the heck is normal anyway?) It was only as I got older (and shall we say wiser) that I started to realise that other people battled with their own skin issue in their own different ways and that I wasn’t alone in my frustrations.

I had my ‘aha’ moment when I started to go to my country of origin, Ghana. Born and bred in London to Ghanaian parents, I was lucky enough to experience both cultures. My parents had a huge hand in shaping me into the woman I am today and for that I am so grateful. Growing up I spent some lovely summers and Christmas holidays in Ghana and it was there I developed a strong passion for the country and the people and their way of life. It was there that I learned to appreciate some of the simpler things in life, mainly of how to look after your skin using what Mother Earth gave you.

I mean who said it had to be so complicated?

I started to really pay attention to the products I was using and tried to read and understand the ingredients and at times (ok all the time) I did not have a clue what I was reading! I made a decision to ditch all my skin care products with their list of ingredients that I didn’t understand and go back to the basics that generation after generation of Ghanain women have been using. I started with Shea butter and fell in love. Then I started adding coconut oil and became obsessed! In time I started experimenting with other organic items just so I could find the right balance for me. I decided I was going to be in control of what I am putting on my skin and make my own products work for me. And you know what? It felt GOOD. I started to package mini tubs to give as gifts to friends and family so they could feel the goodness and they then started asking for more. Pretty soon word spread and I started to get more and more requests from other people.


So that’s where the seed was planted (so to speak).

Sankofa Glow

Sankofa Glow is a brand which is here to encourage you to be naturally you! Be comfortable with who you are, especially the non typical skin types (where products on the high street can’t cater for). I'm hoping that in time our products will grow and you can share your skin stories with us and the battles you had to deal with. You never know, you may encourage someone else to go natural too. I will stress that I am not a skin care expert and my products have not been proven to cure skin problems like Acne or Eczema. I am just someone who believes strongly in knowing what you are using on your body and not to lose hope if you have yet to find the right product for you. For some of us there may be an underlying reason as to why you may suffer with skin problems and it’s a good idea to have a friendly chat with your doctor. I myself discovered my acne was caused by hormones and my eczema by stress and I found the right products which helped me deal with it. And the natural products that helped me heal.

Our organic products are available for you to use and adapt to cater to your own needs, so lets start this journey together!